American Woman (1978 - PRESENT) , Small Business Owner, Sewing Guru, Instructor, Fashion Designer, Pattern Maker 

Ikeler opened her school for sewing in 2002 in Milwaukee, WI, in an area called Bayview, situated near Lake Michigan. There she taught thousands of people and eventually moved her business to Los Angeles, California in 2010, and settled in Echo Park. Erika has over 15 years of experience in her business, and personally worked with each of her student. A quality experience was provided. The way she structured her classes allowed her students to dictate what they wished to build, and Erika helped ensure that their projects were built well. Providing superior tools from Japan, England, and Germany, she helped show people the best way to build using a sewing machine. Helping people to learn to sew and make patterns was a very rewarding career. Erika truly cherishes the memories created within her business. The entire 16 years operating is in her heart.

8 Limbs doors officially closed its doors in May 2018 after 16 years of operating. Thank you to everyone who took time to learn to sew.